Service - Repair Airbrush Equipment

Service - Repair  Airbrush Equipment

Service / Repair Airbrush Equipment

Service is in our company name and we have become an understanding with it.
All airbrushes we sell come with a minimum of 2 years warranty, unless stated otherwise. (with the exception of needles and nozzles, fall damage and normal wear and tear)
We only sell A brands and with every new airbrush you get a guarantee card which is also a voucher for a free service turn.
After a few years we will see you back, your airbrush is then ultrasonically cleaned and checked so that it is in tip-top condition again.
Any parts that has to be replaced are for your own account.

Even if you have your airbrush purchased with us for years you are welcome for a service turn, for a small amount it wil work like new.
We have almost all parts in stock for all airbrushes that we sell.
We also work with the original factory tools for safe maintenance without damaging your equipment.
And in our famous "thousand things box" are often parts for classic / vintage airbrushes that have not been produced for years.

Service / Repair Airbrush

Internet makes the world small and price comparison is easy a "bargain for little" is done very easily.
With a precision mechanical tool such as an airbrush, it can be risky, especially if you do not have any knowledge yourself and it is sold by people unhindered by any knowledge.
In case of difficulties or problems, the phone and e-mail of these "boxmovers" is often not answered which leads to frustration and disappointment, so be wise.
Regularly we see people appearing in the shop with problems asking if we "just" want to "take a look" at it, only that "just" is often a time-consuming job.
We like to do that of course, we only want you to enjoy airbrushing but we can not do that for nothing.
For service and repairs to airbrush equipment that does not come from us, we charge 15.00 repair costs per 15 minutes and parts.

What we do not repair are all kinds of cheap Chinese copy airbrushes and compressors as offered through Marketplaats, Ebay, Aliexpress, Lidl etc.
All respect we can not look in your wallet, but these types of airbrushes often cost no more than 2-3 dollars wholesale, and a compressor a dollar or 16.
The quality is often lousy and not worth the effort of repairing. Sorry but Go back to where you bought it.
A good airbrush really does not cost too much money and advice is free with us, so if you want to know how it is working come to the shop, you can airbrush a little first
and you will receive all tips and tricks to deal the right way with your materials.


A good compressor is often the most expensive part of your airbruhsset, and then you can better do the right way.
For compressors goes the same, we only sell A brands, for example the Silent (like your refrigerator) Werther Compressors (Euro-Tec - Hansa and Sil Air) where we have all parts in stock even if it’s 30 years old!
Available from stock are the Membrane Compressors from Iwata they come with 5 years Iwata warranty, and the various Membrane compressors from Sparmax and Werther that are good for years of airbrush fun.
We have almost all parts in stock for these compressors.

Service / Repair Compressors

For service / repair to your Werther silent compressor you are most welcome.
For compressors bought with us is a small repair or oil change is service, we calculate only the oil / parts and often you can wait for it.
But please contact us first it can be busy in the shop and than we might have no time.

If it really needs repair, it usually takes more time and you have to leave it behind.
Proper and regular maintenance of these compressors is important than they are practically indestructible.
Buying a used silent compressor can be tricky, especially if it has stood still for a long time.
Rust may form in the engine, causing the valves to rust and no  longer closing resulting in bad or no pressure build up.
The Werther engines can be opened and completely disassembled and repaired.
In other (cheaper) brands, the engines are often welded/shut and is the end of the story and the compressor can go to the scrap.
For us a reason to stick to the compressors of Werther.

For service / repairs to compressor we charge 15.00 per 15 minutes excluding the possible parts. Repair is always in consultation.
Occasionally it happens that a compressor does not work, most of the time caused by overdue maintenance, overheating or other damage.
If we have to open it to find out what the cause is and it turns out that it can no longer be repaired, we calculate the time.