Used Materials / Sale

Used materials
Airbrush Services Almere has a daily changing range of used airbrushes which we sell with a minimum of 3 months warranty.
Depending on the state of the equipment, we often give a full 2-year warranty.
Equipment is ultrasonic cleaned and where neccessary we fit new parts. 

The materials we trade in are of high quality, often they are sold in a few days or even the same day it is usually not the effort to put them in our webshop.
Are you looking for good used airbrush equipment please send an e-mail to and we will keep you informed.

Are your airbrush items unused for years in the closet and you do not use it anymore?
Let us know by e-mail or call. Airbrush Services Almere also buys.
You always get a reasonable price for it. Of course this depends on the condition of the materials.
One exception: we do not buy Chinese crap tools as sold "for little" on the internet, we're sorry.